Finished Jewelry

Finished Jewelry - RingsFinished Jewelry

Healing Gems offers a number of pieces of Finished Jewelry that exemplifies the quality of craftsmanship that goes into the creation of a fine design that sets off the beauty of the gemstone as well as providing the remedial benefits.  Please browse our selection below of rings, pendants and necklaces.

Rings – Vedic Astrological Jewelry

Red Spinel Ring
Red Spinel Ring – Top View
Size 4.5 (Can be Adjusted)
8.9mm x 7.4mm x 5.8mm
Red Spinel Ring
Red Spinel Ring – Side View

Pendants – Vedic Astrological Jewelry


Necklaces – Vedic Astrological Jewelry

20" Pearl Necklace
20″ Pearl Necklace
Approx 8mm pearls
14Kt Yellow Gold Clasp
Total Price $325
22" Red Coral Necklace
22″ Red Coral Necklace
5mm Beads
108 Beads – Can by used as a Mala