Gem Store

The Gem Store contains gemstones for all nine planets used in Vedic Astrology.  Please review the planetary list for the appropriate planet and gemstones.  Some of the planets have more than one gem available.  We recommend the primary gem as it has the greatest strength.  However, the secondary and tertiary gemstones are effective alternatives.  Emerald, for example, is the primary gemstone for Mercury.   The secondary gemstone is Green Tourmaline and the Tertiary gemstone is Peridot.

PlanetPrimary GemstoneSecondary GemstoneTertiary Gemstone
RubyRed SpinelRed Garnet
MarsRed Coral
JupiterYellow SapphireYellow Topaz
SaturnBlue SapphireAmethyst
Mercury EmeraldGreen TourmalinePeridot
VenusDiamondWhite Sapphire
RahuHessonite Garnet
KetuChrysoberyl Cats-Eye