A Brief Introduction
The stars in their constant movements throughout the heavens are constantly emitting both positive and negative magnetic vibrations. Astrology is the occult science that studies how these influences affect each person.

There is a practical side to the study of astrology that involves the use of certain remedial agents that act to protect the body and mind.

For thousands of years mankind has known that certain gemstones, metals, and plants can have a positive effect on the body and mind by nullifying or mitigating the harmful influences of the stars.

Of these three elements, Swami Sri Yukteswar, in the Autobiography of a Yogi, written by Paramahansa Yogananda, stated that faultless gems of not less than two carats, worn in contact with the skin, are the most beneficial for astrological purposes.

Gems are similar to a lightning rod. They create, what is in effect, a protective field around the body, regulating which cosmic forces are absorbed by the body. In time, the proper gemstones, if kept in contact with the skin, can bring about changes in the mind and body.

A number of different remedial measures may be suggested such as the practice of prayer, meditation or a mantra.  Other remedies include the use of color therapy, the adoption of a certain diet, or even to move to a different location.  Gemstones have been found to be one of the most effective and beneficial ways that we can help ourselves.

The use of gemstones for remedial purposes was mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts. More modern studies can be found today in current astrological and Ayurvedic medical writings.

Vedic Astrology ascribes a principal gemstone to each of the nine planets: Diamond (Venus), Emerald (Mercury), Ruby (Sun), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Chrysoberyl Cats-eye (Ketu), Hessonite Garnet (Rahu), Red Coral (Mars), and Pearl (Moon).  Each planet also has a secondary gemstone and some have a tertiary gemstone.  These are recommended when the primary gemstone is too costly.  Please the Gem Store more detailed information.

Now one might ask what gemstone should I be wearing?  Healing Gems specializes in determing a gemstone recommendation based on an analysis of your astrological chart.  If you would like a gemstone reading, please refer to our Services page.

These gems are normally set in a ring or a pendant, depending on an individual’s preference.  Healing Gems works with a number of quality jewelers.  We ensure that your gemstones are set in an aesthetic and pleasing jewelry setting that is in accordance with Vedic tradition. We can give guidance on the metal, either gold or silver, that the gem works best with.  We can also give guidance for which finger a ring should be worn on.

As to when to first start wearing your gemstone, Healing Gems can supply you with an appropriate date and time.