Gem Analysis

Gemstone Consultations
Healing Gems specializes in choosing the correct gemstones for our clients.  We make our evaluations based on an analysis of the birth chart.  Every chart is different – for instance in the Western Astrology system, the gemstone for Aries is diamond.  However in Vedic Astrology, the birthchart is based on the constellation that is rising on the horizon at birth, which can change every 2 hours (12 constellations – 24 hours).  And in Vedic Astrology, the gemstone for an Aries ascendant is red coral, not a diamond! which is the planet for Venus and is considered an enemy to Mars!  So much care needs to be taken here.  For a much more detailed explanation of gemstone recommendations, please refer to our blog and feel free to ask questions!  This is a much more specific factor.

Care needs to be taken about adhering to general rules such as a person can always wear the gemstone associated with the Lords of the 1st, 5th and 9th Houses, or one can always wear the gemstone for the Dasha lord.  These ideas are too general.  For instance, what if the planet is already strong in your chart?  Strengthening it even more can create imbalance.  Too much of a good thing, is not always good!

We can provide you with the information you need to determine what gemstones are best for you.  Please use the contact form to send us your birth information: time of birth, date of birth, and place of birth.  The fee for this service is $45.  If a gemstone is purchased within 6 months of the reading, the fee will be deducted from the cost of the gem.