Finished Jewelry – Necklaces

Necklaces Some gemstones such as pearls and red coral lend themselves to wearing as necklaces.  Pearls are an effective remedial measure for the Moon.  Red Coral is an effective remedial measure for Mars.

Pearl Necklace

Here is an fine example of a good quality 20″ pearl necklace with pearls approximately 8mm in diameter. The necklace is knotted between pearls and is finished off with an attractive 14Kt yellow gold clasp.

20" Pearl Necklace
20″ Pearl Necklace
Approx 8mm pearls
14Kt Yellow Gold Clasp
Total Price $325



Red Coral Necklace

Here is a fine example of a 5mm 20″ Red Coral necklace.  As it has 108 beads, it can also serve as a mala.

22" Red Coral Necklace
22″ Red Coral Necklace
5mm Beads
108 Beads – Can by used as a Mala